• >What is Tactical_geek about?

    > Tactical Geek is, however, no longer limited to aggressive military culture. It now offers a new way of thinking about and living our daily lives. With this new brand we will create unique products through uncompromising design, processing and quality control. They are not consumer products yet will be of interest to geeks; they are not military supply but still can conquer complicated challenges. They are incomparable, fashionable, sober, enduring and wabi-sabi.  We believe that life style should come from independence of mind, and not be led by any specific group of people. 

  • >What product range do you offer?

    >1. Tactical knife 2. EDC pouch/ bag 3. EDC tools

  • >Where/ how to purchase?

    >Please email to info@geekedc.com for purchasing details.

  • >Maintenance & Cleaning

    1. Do not disassemble the folding knife or lubricating it by yourself 2. To clean bags, simply swipe down the dust or dirt with a banister brush, then swash it and allow it to dry naturally. 3.If blotted by oil on the bag, wash it with detergent then swash it, allow it dry naturally at shade place. Do not overexposure to the sun.

  • >Why my knife opening not as smooth as before?

    It's probably caused by screws too loose or too tight, please adjust the screws.

  • >How to be a VIP or join the club

    Send us a message at info@geekedc.comfor more information

  • >How's your warranty?

    Exchange within 15 days after purchase, 2 years free repairing and lifetime maintenance with material expenses charged only.

  • >What shows will you attend?

    IWA Outdoor Classics (Germany) Blade Show (USA) SHOT Show (USA) Welcome to stop by our booths.

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